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What to do if a POISONOUS SNAKE Bites You? Here is How to SAVE YOUR LIFE!

Snakes usually attack when they feel threatened, otherwise they run from people. Poisonous snakes usually have a short body, while those who are not poisonous are long and thin. The wound caused by a bite from a non-poisonous snake should be washed with water, lubricated with antibiotic cream and bandaged.

Rattlesnake bite

But, what should you if you get bitten by a poisonous snake?

– The bite of a poisonous snake is a serious condition and requires an emergency medical assistance. So, immediately rush to the nearest hospital or call an ambulance.

– Be calm. In that way, you will slow down the heart rate and the venom will spread slower. In the area around the wound remove all clothing or jewelry.

– Refrain yourself from drinking any liquids until you get to the hospital, because in that way you will speed up the spread of the venom. It is very important for the doctor to arrive within two or three hours.

– Given the fact that many people panic after being attacked by a snake, as they are not sure what kind it is, in such situations it is best to behave as if it was a poisonous snake and immediately go to the hospital.

How to protect yourself?

  • When walking in nature, especially in places where there are stones, you should carry a stick with you and occasionally knock on the stones. The noise will drive off the snake away from your vicinity. On your picnics, practice going in closed shoes and long pants.
  • If you see a snake, do not try to hit it with a stick, because it might attack you. Instead, slowly move away from it, without any sudden moves.
  • Check out the places, before you sit down.

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