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What Your Finger Shape Reveals About Your Personality

A finger:

– If you have this kind of finger, than you are more likely to hide your feelings away. You may act more independent and stronger than you really are, to build an image of yourself. You do not like liars, you are emotional and you lean towards kindness. You have a big heart and can be eccentric sometimes.

B finger:

– If you have this kind of finger, it means you are not confident in yourself. You may tend to have trouble approaching people. You are loyal and fall in love easily, and give your full attention to people who are important to you. You are tenacious, and if you put your mind to something you will do it without fear of being hurt or failure.

C finger:

– If you have this kind of finger, you are the world’s angels. Emotionally touched easily and without hesitation you dismiss things that make you angry. You may come off a little overbearing and you do not like unfairness. You are a softie, and want to make sure that everybody is good.

Source: HigherPerspectives.com

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