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When a Tick Bites You: Do NOT Pull it, Crush it or Smear it With Something (THERAPY AND TIPS)

In recent years ticks have become a big threat, because they transfer Lyme disease. However, this does not mean that children should be prohibited to go in the grass, but you should take some preventative measures before playing in nature and also afterwards.

The legs (shin) or the neck, behind the ear and hair, are places where ticks are usually hidden. You should protect sensitive places with repellent – products that are applied to the skin and repel insects. However, the problem is that the tick is nimble and knows how to find parts of the skin that are not coated with repellent.

Tick stuck in the skin

What can parents do?

– It is best to take the child in the infirmary, where very fast, with sterile instruments, the tick will be removed.

– It should not be removed on site with needles and other handy “tools”, and it should not be pulled with hands, because its head and proboscis will remain in the skin. You can try with an ice cube, which you press against the tick for several minutes to anesthetize and then pull out.


A child bitten by a tick must receive at least two-week antibiotic treatment to prevent the occurrence of Lyme disease (inflammation of the brain). Every third tick in town carries the bacteria (Borrelia burgdorferi) – the cause of this disease and delivers it when it bites. Although the number of ticks outside the town is lower it is also necessary to give the child an antibiotic. Usually amoxicillin is transcribed (for those allergic to penicillin, erythromycin), but that is doctors job, who will determine the exact dose and duration of treatment.


Ticks not only transmit Lyme disease, but also meningitis and encephalitis. Among other things, they can transmit brucellosis and leptospirosis. Therefore, you should avoid staying next to bushy plants and under trees – which are the most often places they are found. Ticks irritate movement and it falls from the tree, so you can usually find more bites on your body.

After playing in the park, in the greenery, children should certainly be controlled. If the tick “hooks” on some part of the body, it should not be smeared with anything, or crushed or picked, but it should be carefully removed. Because if it has a bacteria or a virus inside of it, can infect the body. Supervision for tick bites lasts up to a month. If during that time appears redness in the form of a circle, it is a sign that infection has occurred.

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