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Whole Grains Diet – Fast And Healthy Diet For 7 Days [Menu Included]

This diet lasts for 7 days and is based on the daily intake of whole grains. Research published in the popular magazine Journal of Nutrition, confirmed what was already familiar to many people: which is that daily consumption of healthy whole grains contributes to reducing the waist, but also for a significant improvement of our health.

Studies similar to this one are made a long time ago, and almost all – the primary objective was to determine the relationship between fiber and body mass index in adults.

In addition of this text, learn how to keep a healthy diet for fast weight loss, and the menu composed of 7 days.


The basic postulate, which must be followed and is recommended in a healthy diet in its seven-day menu – every day consume different integral cereals.

1. Day – WHEAT

The grain of wheat is packed with nutrients, especially vitamins E, B3, B2 and B1, and it is a real mine of minerals such as: phosphorus, potassium, copper, wealth in zinc, iron, magnesium, and contains numerous fibers and indispensable folic acid.

From long ago we know that food rich in fiber can help balance and maintain our body weight, controls the blood pressure and blood sugar levels, and also the level of LDL (undesirable) cholesterol. If you doubt the origin of the wheat, it is best to find spelta. The wheat from whole grain is recommended in this healthy diet and here is how your diet should look like, during the first day.

Take 180 grams of whole grain wheat, add 750 ml boiling water and cook over medium heat for 20 minutes.

Breakfast: porridge, a replacement for white sugar and a cup of milk.

Lunch: vegetable soup (1 cup), spring onion (1 stem), porridge.

Dinner: porridge, 125 ml probiotic yoghurt, healthy substitute for sugar, a little cinnamon

2. Day – MILLET

Millet grain is extremely rich in lysine, as well as protein and B vitamins, and it does not contain gluten and is recommended for people who are intolerant of this protein. Excellent basic body and very easy to digest.

Millet works great as a natural diuretic, helps in case of frequent constipation and poor digestion, as well as diarrhea (in that case it is required to cook the millet before you boil it), vomiting (make a millet soup) and diabetes. It acts excellent on the stomach, pancreas and kidneys.

Make a daily portion of millet porridge: take 180 grams of peeled millet, add 750 ml boiling water and cook it for about half an hour on a moderate temperature.

Breakfast: millet porridge, healthy substitute for sugar, 100 ml of warm milk.

Lunch: a full cup of vegetable soup, millet.

Dinner: millet, natural sugar, grated apple, juice of one lemon.

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