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Why Everyone is Talking About Golden Milk?

Nowadays, everybody have heard about turmeric. This spice improves the digestion, it has an excellent anti-inflammatory effect, prevents loss of memory, boost immunity, has anti-cancer properties, fights depression, helps in the prevention of diabetes and many more

There are many ways of consuming turmeric, and here we will suggest you, how to make golden milk out of it. Some call it turmeric tea. The golden milk is a very tasty, sweet and warm drink, which itself brings all the healthy benefits mentioned above. It is prepared in two steps. First, you prepare turmeric pasta, and then you also make a drink out if it.

1.First step – turmeric pasta

turmeric pasta


– 4 tablespoons turmeric

– ½ teaspoons black pepper

– 120 ml water


Place all the ingredients in a bowl on a stove and wait for it to create pasta. This should not be long. Place the pasta in a jar and store it in a refrigerator.


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