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Why it is Dangerous to Remove Your Pubic Hair

Although today the waxed bikini zone has become a matter of hygiene, the American doctor Emily Gibson, points out that removal of hair from the crotch is actually very dangerous.

– The removal of pubic hair increases the risk of infections, and also sexually transmitted diseases among young people, stated the American doctor Emily Gibson!

pubic hair

She explains that surgeons have already understood that the removal of hair from the body carries no benefit. In various interventions hair is removed to prevent infection, but the opposite happened.

The skin suffers terribly during waxing, highlights Gibson, and notes that it does not matter which kind of depilation it is – all of them are harmful.

Especially sensitive are the genital areas: “Fresh depilated genital areas are extremely sensitive and often herpes occur, as well as other difficulties.”

Gibson warns the public that pubic hair has their own purpose and they should stay where they belong. That obviously will not happen, at least not in the near future. Although a whole industry has been developed that earns from depilation, hair removal has become a matter of habit and personal hygiene.

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