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Why You Should WALK, Not RUN, Your Way to Better Health

Walk your way to improved health

Walking is one of the most simple and widely accepted modes of physical activity. It is important to have a physical activity for better health. Walking also offers a great approach to fighting off illnesses such as osteoporosis, stress-related symptoms, cerebral nerve deterioration, and cardiovascular disease. Even 5 minutes a day can have an evident impact on one’s health and can provide a natural youth fountain.

Walking and stress relief

– While stressed, walking can do wonders for lowering stress-related blood pressure, providing some perspective and clarity, and relaxes tense muscles.

– A research found that leisure activity provided sufficient minimizing effects on anxiety and stress-related physical symptoms.

Walking and bone mass density

– Speaking of osteoporosis, walking is beneficial because it provides a load-bearing activity that is important in creating stronger bones.

– Another thing that is very important is an early promotion of physical activity in children, and also adolescents to strengthen bones.

Walking and cardiovascular health

– Some studies have shown that moderately paced walking helps you lose weight, lower cholesterol, manages stress levels by releasing endorphins, and controls blood pressure.

– A research proved that brisk walking is just as beneficial as jogging or running.

Walking and mental health

– Walking has a preventative effect of cerebral functions, and also has a regenerative outcome.

– Walking keeps your mind sharp, and reduces the risk of cognitive diseases such as vascular dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

Walking is accessible to anyone, and improves our health in many ways. So, instead of taking the bus, or jumping right into your car, start walking. It’s cheaper and much healthier.

Original source: JustNaturallyHealthy.com

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