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You go to Bed Late And Get up Early? You Are One Step Closer to a Heart Attack!

Every day you go to bed late, and you get up early? If this is your lifestyle think twice about your habits, because further practice of such pace could lead to a heart attack – according to new research.

Namely, people who sleep less than 6 hours a night have a bigger chance of getting a heart attack or a stroke. Doctors warn that going to bed late and waking up early can have dire health consequences.


On the other hand however, excessive sleep can also lead to a heart attack, but for other reasons. The need to sleep more than 9 hours is a sign that something is wrong with your heart, so if you have this problem, see a doctor.

– The habit of going to bed late and getting up early is actually a ticking time bomb for your health. You should change this if you want to protect your health and even your life. Today, we are required to meet numerous obligations, for which we are losing sleep. But the real question is, is it worth the cost of our health and life – say the experts.

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