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You’ll Actually Love This Drink That Prevents From Cardiovascular Diseases And Anemia

This drink is called “Cocktail of Eternity” because it protects the heart, improves the blood circulation and anyone can take it as a prevention from cardiovascular diseases, especially people who suffer from anemia.



~ 2 l. red wine

~ 200 g. honey

~ 100 g. nettle leafs

~ 100 g. nettle seeds


Mix the wine together with the nettle leafs and seeds and let it stay for 24 hours. After its done, drain the liquid and put it on a heat until it boils. Just before it boils, remove the bowl from the heat, wait to get cooler and add the honey with a wooden or plastic spoon. Put the liquid into a bottle and drink one cup every day on an empty stomach.

It tastes so good that you’ll actually love this medicine.


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