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Make Your Own Healthy Chocolate From Raw Food


If you’re crazy about chocolates, but still want to eat healthy raw food, and that means healthy chocolate too, then you’ll love this simple recipe for delicious chocolate from raw food.


– Half a cup of cocoa butter

– One cup carob or cocoa (according to preference and taste, but you can do half / half)

– 5 tbsp honey (you can just leave it out if you’re vegan)

– Optional: ground nuts/ coconut/ raisins/ grated rind of orange or lemon/ mint, etc.

chocolate molds


Melt the cocoa butter in warm water. In a blender, mix all ingredients and pour into molds. Leave in the fridge to be tightened (if someone doesn’t eat it till then 🙂 ). This recipe can also be used for making chocolate cakes.

The true beneficiaries of chocolates say that the special taste of the chocolate appears when you stir and mix with your hands, not in blender. So, try it, and let us know how it was 🙂


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