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You’re Maybe Eating it Every Day, But Do You Know That This Food Reduces Your Libido?

If lately your libido is decreased, i.e. you do not have a great desire for sex, you can find the culprit in the kitchen.

Bad diet can negatively affect your libido, because poor combination of foods causes drowsiness, reduces the level of testosterone and increases the production of poor-quality sperm.

If you want to avoid this problem, one of the foods you should avoid is red meat.

Too much red meat rich in hormones can cause an imbalance in the natural level of hormones in man’s body, which leads to a decreased libido.

Red meat is a great source of proteins and zinc that help build the muscles and the release from the adipose tissue, so it is necessary in the diet, but you should eat it in smaller quantities and not every day,” says the nutritionist Frida Harju.

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